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Η Flight Design σχεδιάζει να εισέλθει ΚΑΙ στον χώρο των ελαφρών αεροσκαφών, με την παρουσίαση ΤΕΤΡΑΘΕΣΙΟΥ αεροσκάφους με την κωδική ονομασία C4. Θα προηγηθεί η γνώμη (!) των χρηστών, φίλων, αλλά και των κατά τόπους αντιπροσώπων, για το πως θα έπρεπε, ή πως θα ήθελαν να είναι το αεροσκάφος. Σας παραθέτουμε αυτούσιο το αγγλικό κείμενο.


Flight Design Confirms New Four Seat Design

Will Unveil Proof-of-Concept Model at Aero and AirVenture 2011

Company Begins Surveying to Gain Customer Feedback on Design

Leinfelden-Echterdingen, GERMANY / 8 February 2011 — After leading the U.S. Light-Sport Aircraft market since its inception in April 2005, Flight Design GmbH added new information about their C4, a four seat model patterned after the highly successful CT series. Since quietly announcing the project at the end of 2010, customers, dealers, and news media have asked for further information.

At Aero 2011 Flight Design will exhibit for the first time a full-size proof-of-concept model of the four-seat C4. The interior treatment will be presented as a 3D projection. Yet even before debuting C4 at the popular show in Freidrichshafen, Germany (13-16 April 2011), the company is seeking comments from its current customer base, prospective customers, and its worldwide dealer network.

“We want to create the optimal four-seat aircraft for our customers,” stated Chief Technical Officer Oliver Reinhardt. “Engineers often put emphasis on certain features on a new design, while a flight school or a private owner might want something we did not consider, so we are putting our concept of the C4 design out for the public to participate in the process.” Besides surveys at Aero and Sun ‘n Fun 2011, everyone can be part of the design development via an online survey. All participants will be entered into a drawing for a Garmin aera 500 GPS as a grand prize.

To participate in the online survey regarding design features of C4, go to www.flightdesign.com/C4Survey (online survey will become operational 1 March 2011).

Flight Design’s engineering staff has been working on the C4 project for several years and the final design is nearing completion. “After Airventure at Oshkosh 2011, we plan to freeze development and at Aero and Sun ‘n Fun 2012, customers will be able to examine one of the conforming flight test prototypes. EASA approval is targeted for the end of 2012,” explained Flight Design Chief Procurement Officer, Christian Wenger.  “We are working closely with our suppliers on the development schedule and the standard equipment for the aircraft.”

“With the CT series and the MC, we have created ground-breaking two-seat aircraft that offer superior performance and utility with our customers and dealers contributing significantly to the development,” noted Reinhardt. “With the C4, we will pursue this even further.” In a brief time, the company will adopt future technologies such as the Flight Design Hybrid eDrive power system, which is already in early development.

“We are now working towards full type certificates for the CTLS and MC and we plan to certify the C4 to several international standards including Part 23 in the United States. At the same time we intend to improve our capability in global service and support, further expanding our leadership in these areas,” said CEO Matthias Betsch. The German company has already passed several examinations including a LAMA audit, ISO audit, and a review by TÜV. Recently the company gained EASA Design Organization Approval that permits Flight Design to progress without further involvement from EASA.

Flight Design is a 24-year-old air-sport products producer based in Germany. The company remains the worldwide market leader thanks to its well-received CT series of light aircraft. More than 1,500 of these aircraft are flying in 39 countries. One of the first aircraft certified under ASTM International standards in 2005, the CT (“composite technology”) remains the top-selling LSA in America through six consecutive years. Flight Design sold the first LSA to India and was the first LSA to earn Chinese Type Design Approval. Three times a CT has been flown around the world.

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